If problems are found in your mouth, the dentist will discuss with you whether additional treatment is necessary. The dentist will also tell you about:

  • the expected results
  • the risks of treatment
  • the number of treatments
  • the duration (and possibly the costs) of the treatments

We discuss minor procedures with you immediately and treatment follows, if necessary, in a relatively short period of time. You can think of a simple dental cleaning or making a filling. We will inform you about the costs for extensive treatments. If desired, the cost estimate can be recorded in writing. In any case, we always do this for treatments from € 250.00. After your consent, we carry out the agreed treatment. This is generally possible within 8 weeks.

If special treatments are required, you do not have to look for it yourself. We try to have as many specialized treatments as possible carried out in our practice by dental specialists who come to us specifically for this purpose.

If necessary, the dentist will refer you to his colleagues for dental surgery or gnathology, among other things.

Patient record

We store the information about your oral health and the history of the treatments in your file in our computer. This system is of course well secured. We keep the data for at least 15 years. At your written (email) request, we can also forward your data to another practitioner.


A healthy mouth and beautiful teeth start with prevention. You probably know the saying “prevention is better than cure”. That includes your mouth. Some important aspects are: brushing, flossing, sticking or brushing correctly and regular dental check-ups by our oral care providers. We will notify you when it is time for your periodic check-up.


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