Orthodontics (Bracket dentist) in The Hague

We are happy to explain to our young patients how things go with orthodontics (treatments involving the wearing of one or more braces). If your teeth are crooked, the dentist may suggest that you wear braces. What will happen then? During the first interview with the dentist, he will first carefully look at your teeth and everything related to them. Then an appointment is made for an initial examination. Pictures are then taken and we make an impression of your teeth. In some cases, the dentist will refer you to an orthodontist. After the dentist has reviewed the photos and prints, he will draw up a treatment plan and you will return (with one or both parents) to discuss treatment options. How do we get all teeth and molars neatly in a row? We look at which braces you should wear, when and for how long. There are many different braces. We will discuss the treatment plan and the costs involved in detail with you and your parents. You can ask us any questions you have about braces. There is plenty of time for that. Then the orthodontic treatment with braces starts. You will come back regularly for a check-up. Sometimes we have to tighten the bracket a bit. Over time, your teeth will be straight and your jaws neatly above each other. That can take two or three years. Once everything is as it should be, you will have to wear braces at night for a while. This is necessary, because otherwise your teeth could slide back to their old place. If everything goes well, you will come back to us for the six-monthly check-up after a number of years of follow-up. You then have straight teeth with which you can talk and eat well. And the treatment with braces has ensured that your teeth now look beautiful! Because that is of course also important.

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