Implants at your dentist in The Hague

An implant resembles a titanium screw and can be compared to an artificial root, which can be placed in the place of the root of the tooth or molar that has been lost in your teeth. The titanium surface of many implants has been made rougher, which accelerates bone growth around the implant and so that it will also be more firmly in the bone after healing. Today, the implants heal successfully in about 98% of cases. These percentages may be somewhat lower for bone repair operations and implantation in smokers and diabetics. Research now shows that the ten-year survival of implants is between 90 and 95%. The length and diameter of the implant will be chosen on the basis of the amount of bone available, but the implantologist will also let the diameter depend on the tooth to be replaced. An undercut tooth will have to be replaced with a narrow implant and a molar will ideally be replaced with a wider implant. If the width of the jaw wall is not sufficient, there are still possibilities to widen it. In general, the implants are between 3 and 6 mm in diameter and the lengths vary approximately between 6 and 16 mm.

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